July 26, 2014

Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series - Updates on Brand-New Items Coming Out!

There are so many damn new products coming out for the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series that it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. But a ton of it is really great stuff so let's get busy.

First up is a picture we're really proud of. Our good friend, the Illustrator/Designer known as Christopher Franchi, will be submitting some artwork for the Twitterhead Company. They're the people making these kick-ass statues. 

So far they have come out with Catwoman and at the recent San Diego Comic Con (2014 SDCC) Adam West revealed the "Batman Statue". Well, I guess they'll also be coming out with a Batgirl one because RIGHT HERE is the production art they have commissioned Franchi to do. Awesome!

Oh yeah, in a post we did a long time ago we mentioned the 1966 Bat-Cowl that Mattel has plans to release. Well, here's a better photo of the actual product! Oh man, it looks so sweet! I hear it's gonna retail for around 100 bucks, that's not too bad.

One last thing. You know those '66 BATMAN Art Busts they have been making? So far they have had Batman, Robin, and we have seen pics of the Joker. Well, here's a new one coming out later, Frank Gorshin's THE RIDDLER!

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