July 21, 2014

New 2014 BATMAN AND JOKER Products To Drive Collectors Crazy! #Batman75

This post is just a quick announcement of some brand-new Batman-related products that will be coming out soon that ALL Batman Collectors are gonna want to keep an eye out for. First up is this really fun set of Halloween Candy Bowl Holders. Looks like they're making 2 of them so far, Batman and the Joker ( Hey, are those Skittles™ Candy?). 

THE JOKER one is coming out in September, 2014 and BATMAN will arrive around August. Oh yeah, they're gonna have a retail price of about $32.99 each.

Next up is this extremely cool "DC Batman VRUM Ride-On Toy Box" made by Wicked Cool Toys. The 3-in-1 feature means you can ride it, pull it, and take it with you. It looks like the Caped Crusader and includes a dual-purpose strap for pulling or carrying. Comes out in August, 2014 and will retail for about $49.99.

OK, all the stuff shown up above is BRAND-NEW to the BAT-BLOG, but here are 2 items we mentioned in earlier posts, it's just that we got some fresh photos of the products which are way better. So, here we go!

In our previous post about these new "Batman Full-Size Scalers 3 1/2-Inch Mini-Figure Set" by NECA we just had a pic of the packaging. Here's a photo showing the fun details of the actual "figures". These things are for decorating the cables and wires in your life. Look for them around October, 2014. Retail: $14.99.

Then, oh my god! Here's a really great pic showing what that "25 Piece Accessory Kit" for the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Figures is gonna have! I totally love the BAT-ZOOKA! Plus, it's fun that they made the BOMB, ha! (Click on it for a larger version).

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