July 21, 2014

BATMAN FAN? Artist? Let's Celebrate Your Bat-Creativity!

OK, the title to this post is kinda corny but I just woke-up and can't think of anything super clever right now (only on 2nd cup of coffee). 

But anyway, this post is meant to celebrate Artists and other Creative People who are "Batman Fans" and who have also become inspired to make art.

First, up above, is a random photo I came across on the Interwebs. It's a totally insane BATMAN IN GOTHAM CITY Birthday Cake! I mean, WOW! They even created a "backdrop" for it, ha!

Next up is this very cool "Batman: The Animated Series TWO-FACE CHAIR! This was made by our friend, Felix Eichholz. We all think you did an awesome job on it Dude! ( Thanks Felix )

Then, check out this Custom-Made BATMOBILE Golf Cart, it's crazy! Of course this is the Tumbler Batmobile from the recent DARK KNIGHT movie trilogy. I love the detailing on this thing, very cool!

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