June 17, 2014

Amazing BATMAN TATTOO ART From Around The World!

 The Bat-Blog is pretty well known for sharing amazing Batman Tattoo Art, it's fun! Anyway, today could be called "International Day" because both of these examples are from around the globe. 

 First up, check out this wonderful Bat-Tat from a friend named Wilco. He lives in the Netherlands and he got this image to celebrate his Son. Batman is holding Scrabble Board Game Playing Pieces that spell-out his name, DEXX! That's very cool! It's actually very sweet and quite clever too.  I also like that it's a super iconic image of the Bat-Man!

 Then, all the way from Austria, we got these pics from a friend named Dominik. He has TWO major Bat-Tats! One of them is the Joker, Heath Ledger version (on his leg), and then, a huge Bat-Symbol on his chest. Awesome!

 Hey, if anybody out there gets some ink done please share a photo with us. Our email button is always on the top right-hand side of this page. Thanks.

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