May 16, 2014

VIDEO: Animated History of the BATMAN BAT-LOGO 1940 - 2016

Here's a fan-made video I came across last night that is extremely well done. It features the History of Batman's famous chest emblems, or Bat-Symbol Logos... check it out!!

The list includes:

1940 Batman (Comic)
1965 Batman (Comic)
1966 Batman (TV series)
1977 The New Adventures of Batman (Animated series)
1983 Batham and the Outsiders (Comic)
1989 Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (Comic)
1989 Batman (Film)
1992 Batman Returns (Film)
1993 Batman: Knightfall (Comic)
1995 Batman Forever (Film)
1997 Batman & Robin (Film)
1999 Batman Beyond (Animated series)
1999 Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table (Comic)
2001 Batman: Vengeance (Video Game)
2003 Batman: Dead End (Short Film)
2004 The Batman (Animated series)
2005 Batman Begins (Film)
2007 Superman and Batman versus Alien and Predator (Comic)
2008 Batman the Brave and the Bold (Animated series)
2008 The Dark Knight (Film)
2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum (Video Game)
2009 Batman and Robin (Comic)
2012 The Dark Knight Rises (Film)
2016 Batman vs. Superman (Film) [Logo based on new suit]


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