May 16, 2014

BEWARE THE BATMAN is Back on TV! Thank You Toonami!

Last night I watched 2 brand-new episodes of BEWARE THE BATMAN and they were amazing! Yes, this is the Batman CG I-animated cartoon that got kicked off the roster list for the Cartoon Network. 

Well, Adult Swim (Toonami) has picked up the series and it's going really strong over there. In fact, it's way better and even though they put the TV show on Saturday nights at 3:00am (Yes, that's three o'clock in the morning!) it's doing quite well.

I always thought this show was a little too sophisticated to be showing on a "kiddie channel", so Adult Swim is perfect. Let's hope it keeps doing well over there and we get many many more episodes.

Oh yeah , one last thing, these 2 graphics shown here are actually Desktop Wallpapers (Size: 900 X 1440), enjoy!

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