September 26, 2013

The Fire Department in Roselle, NJ are True Batman-Inspired Heroes!

We have all seen the recent news coverage lately on CNN and other TV News programs about the fire, it happened last Thursday, that blazed it's way along the boardwalks of Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, N.J., and damaged nearly two dozen businesses. It all started at a frozen custard shop and then spread out from there. Much of the iconic boardwalk, that was recently rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy, was destroyed.

One bit of good news is that our friend Jeff,  who works for the Roselle, New Jersey Fire Department ( Battalion 4, D Platoon ) was there to help. That group has "Batman" as their mascot so, in a strange way, "the Dark Knight" was there to help!!

Our hearts go out to the business owners and families affected by this tragedy. We would like to ask people, if you can, to please donate to the American Red Cross. Yes, you too can help make a difference and every little bit helps a bunch, just please CLICK HERE!

Here's a better view of the Batt-4 Shield Logo:

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