September 26, 2013

New BATMAN BAT-POD JOKER 2013 Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

People who love Batman ( and Hallmark Christmas Ornament Collectors ) should be happy this year! For the 2013 Holiday Season Hallmark Stores are offering 3 different Batman-themed Ornaments. 

The first one we're talking about is the 2013 Batman Bat-Pod Motorcycle from "The Dark Knight Rises" movie. It's a special Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive that will be limited to the "Ornament Debut Weekend" ( October 5th and 6th ) while supplies last. Only available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. Size: 4 1/2".  Also, sorry about the crappy photo, ha ha, but this item has not been released yet and this is the best pic I could find.

Then, don't freak out, there will be 2 more "Batman" 2013 Hallmark Christmas Keepsake Ornaments! One is called "Descending Upon Gotham City" and it's a re-issued ornament of Batman as a full-body figure ( The only difference from the previous version is that it's a different color and it's more in tune with the vintage comic books ). 

Then, there will be a "Talking Ornament" of THE JOKER ( Heath Ledger version from THE DARK KNIGHT). The cool thing is that you press a button and the Joker says some fun catch-phrases from the film.

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