July 12, 2013

PARK ROW - BATMAN FAN-FILM INTRO Animated Trailer by Jeff Sublett

Down below is a completely amazing "Batman Movie Trailer" send in to us by a new member of the BAT-BLOG Community. His name is Jeff Sublett. He is a professional motion designer who, typically works in sports media, but decided to work on this fan-film intro during the evenings and weekends. We're glad he did, this thing is extremely cool. Now, Jeff is better at explaining this than I am, so please check out his quote... right here:

"The project materialized out of my passion for the character and what it's meant to me through all the stages of my life. I've always felt the need to contribute to the myth of the character and to actualize my interpretation of the fiction. 
After watching some footage from the upcoming "Beware The Batman" I wondered what a trailer/promo would look like for a Batman show that I created. The main goal was to create something that focused on atmosphere & what Bruce's thoughts/motivations were that drove him to create his alter ego. I also wanted to pull different elements that I enjoyed from all the different iterations of the character. 

So, you'll see "hidden tributes" to the comics, Miller's Batman stories, the Arkham Game franchise, Batman: The Animated Series, the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton films, as well as some of the media that inspired the creation of Batman and his arch-nemesis. I wanted to place a can of "Shark-Repellent Bat-Spray" somewhere, but I had to stop somewhere!"

Wow! Hey everybody, please be sure to check out this great video and also let us know what YOU think. (Thanks Jeff )

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spock said...

I think it looks better than Beware the Batman.