July 26, 2013

BEWARE THE BATMAN - TV Episode #3 New VIDEO Trailer Clips

The next TV Series episode of BEWARE THE BATMAN (#3) is titled, “Tests”, and it airs this Saturday, July 27th, 2013, at 10:00am ET (9:00 Central, Please check your local listings). The Video Clip Trailers for the TV show are down below:

A new villain has come to town to challenge Batman for control of Gotham City:  Anarky (WALLACE LANGHAM).  Resembling a ghost image of Batman, Anarky prides himself on his brilliance – and intends to prove it to Batman by manipulating a pair of unsuspecting pawns to do his bidding.  But Anarky’s real plan is far more devastating:  seeking to create a disaster seen by all of Gotham and proving once and for all that even the great Batman is powerless to protect his fair city from the clutches of Anarky.

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Collectibles NJ said...

I still can't help but dislike a lot of the newer batman stuff. I am not saying that my batman from the cartoons in the 1990s is any better or worse. I also like the DC direct to DVD cartoons they have been doing.

I think that regular cartoon animation will always be a better vehicle for these kinds of super hero adaptions as opposed to this computer sim cgi style.