June 29, 2013

Photos of Some Fresh Tattoos of BATMAN and THE JOKER!

Since my "Batman Tattoo" Folder is getting outta control ( look for more to be posted soon ) I thought I'd post these 2 most recent ones and then I'm working on getting some more ready. if you have sent a pic and haven't seen it yet then I apologize, I have been busy and I do really try to get them all up. It's just that I don't want the site to be "Batman Tattoo-City" and I try to spread them out. Whew! OK, enough whining, let's go!

This first image is an awesome Joker Tattoo all the way from Germany! The other cool thing is that it's based on Brian Bolland artwork from "The Killing Joke" Graphic Novel (DC Comics). The Tattoo Artist also added a sharp Bat-Symbol Logo at the bottom... nice!

Next up is another submission from an awesome Bat-Blog Batman Fan. His name is Pat and he recently got this one of the Dark Knight. It looks like the photo was taken just seconds after getting it done so there is some redness. Otherwise, it's very cool and looks like a "comic book" version too.

Thanks to everybody who likes to share their Tattoo Photos and just because I'm a little behind right now don't let that keep you from sending them in. We love to celebrate BATMAN here every way we can!

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