June 29, 2013

BATMAN FANS Get Artsy and Crafty!!

Here's a quick post just to share some amazing Arts and Craft projects from a few very dedicated Batman Fans out there. The 1st example is pretty cool. Here's a large Pottery Planter refurbished with some old pieces of broken tiles and plates. Hey, I'd be proud to display it.

Next up is a cute idea for making a Batgirl-themed Apron. This is perfect for Summer bar-b-ques and would also be kinda sexy in the kitchen ( If you know what I mean, wink wink ).

Then, last but not least is a working Bat-Signal Light some extremely talented Wielder made one weekend. This would be a fun outdoor light fixture to display in the backyard with that Bat-B-Q we were just talking about, ha!

So, have YOU done anything "crafty" or creative lately that involves the Dark Knight? If so, then please send us some pics today.

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