May 29, 2013

New BATMAN: JUSTICE LEAGUE Tater Tot Plush Toys Now at Sonic Drive-Ins!

I have not been out of the house for a few days now so I really appreciate a friend of ours, Jeremiah, telling us about this new fast food promo over at Sonic Drive-In Restaurants! It's a part of their "Wacky Pack" Kid's Meal and features some cool new DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE "Tater Tot" Plush Toys. There are six mini-plushes to collect, mainly a set of three Superheroes and three Villains.

The characters include Batman and the Joker, Green Lantern and Sinestro, plus Wonder Woman and the Cheetah! Hey, you know which 2 will be MINE, ha ha! ( Thanks Jeremiah )

As a side note: This toy looks really BIG in the photo... but if they're anything like the ones they made a year or two ago they are very small, ha!

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