May 29, 2013

1966 BATMAN TV BATMOBILE Makes an Appearance for School Fundraiser in Kenilworth, New Jersey

OK, Here's a heart-warming story that we always love to hear about. Check out these fun photos from a recent event that happened in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Our good friends Louie, Anna Marie, BatDave and Buster (The Bathound!) showed up with a 1966 Batmobile Replica Car and entertained the crowd at a Car Show / Bake Sale that helped raise funds for the local St. Theresa's School.

The event was organized by current Kenilworth Police Chief Kenneth Grady and Sister Emy (short for Emily) who both appear in a few of the attached pics. They asked if Louie & his wife AnnaMarie could showcase their 1966 Batmobile replica to help raise money for St. Theresa's School, with all of the money going towards school supplies and basic educational needs for the children.

Long story short, both Louie and AnnaMarie s
aid, "yes!", and Sister Emy and Chief Grady both got a complimentary ride thru downtown Kenilworth courtesy of Batmobile Louie. The fun thing was that there were a lot of children in attendance and they were all delighted by the silly antics of Buster, the Bat-Hound!

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