May 26, 2013

COLLECTOR PHOTO - Jeremiah's TOPPS Batman Movie Trading Cards on Display

Here's a quick post to share a totally great photo that a friend of ours shared with us on our BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Page. It's from a guy named jeremiah and this is how he has his collection of TOPPS Batman Movie-Related Trading Card Boxes on display. He has them all set-up in a really nice display case. (Please be sure to click on the actual photo for a larger, more detailed, picture)

Wow! I remember so many of these cards when they were originally being sold at my local 7-Eleven. I collected some of these for a little while. Plus, I totally loved the "Candy-Filled Plastic Heads". I don't think they really make these anymore. But thanks to Jeremiah we can all see them again!

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