May 26, 2013

BATMAN and His 1966 BATMOBILE CAR Spotted in Northern Virginia - Photographic Proof!

These fun photos were contributed by a Bat-Blog Fan named Matt who saw this event happen in Northern VA ( right outside of DC ) on a recent Saturday afternoon. Matt wrote,

 "My wife and I were on our way home when we noticed a bunch of people pointing and shouting at a Gas Station. We pulled in to check it out and came across this scene. I’m pretty sure it is Leonard Robinson, a wealthy businessman who dresses up as Batman and visits children in area hospitals - an amazing guy! He attracted quite a crowd and was extremely kind and gracious to all the onlookers, posing for pictures and handing out little Batman trinkets to the kids. In any case, it was all quite surreal and very cool to see! Thought you might enjoy these pictures. Thanks!"

No, Thank you Matt, these are some extremely wonderful photos. You got some great pics! Oh man, this must have been so fun to witness & thanks again for sharing these pics. 


Stu said...

That's still the best batmobile there's ever been.

Stu said...

Robin must be inside getting beverages