April 22, 2013

Please Donate Some Comic Books To Kids at Boston Children's Hospital

Over at the HAPPY BLOGTIME website they're doing a really great thing. They're collecting comic books to distribute to little kids at the Boston Children's Hospital. We all know about the recent bombing event in Boston and in the aftermath there are some little kids who could use our help. Reading comics would not only be great fun for them, but also a nice distraction. Here's your chance to do something good.

Now, I just heard about this comic book drive and apologize for the very short deadline but they need these books delivered in the next day.

HAPPY BLOGTIME will be dropping off donations at Boston Children’s Hospital on the morning of Wednesday, April 24. If you are a publisher, local shop or individual that wants to send all-ages reads (NO swearing, nudity, etc.), please email her at adri (dot) cowan (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Please do not send anything but kid-friendly books. For more information please CLICK HERE!

Cut-off date for donations is Tuesday, April 23, so please make sure to send by then to this address:

Caitlin Cunningham
Attn: Cowan Donations
1277 Commonwealth Ave, Apt. 411
Allston, MA 02134
Yeah, like they have to be sent... TODAY! But if you have a chance to do so then please do. Again, I wish I would have known about this ahead of time and I would have been really more involved. But I did send some stuff Priority Mail this morning so hopefully that might help.

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Anonymous said...

What a shame that the vast majority of comics produced today are totally unsuitable for these kids.