April 22, 2013

New BATMAN LIVE WORLD ARENA TOUR Wallpaper Backgrounds - Photos by Ricky!

OK, First off I should have posted these a long time ago and I apologize to our friend Ricky who sent them, but to be honest my life the last few months has been a total mess, it's hard for me to concentrate and these actually got kind of lost inside a folder for awhile. So I apologize to him for that. But, here they are now and they're still really great. So, let's GO!

Ricky was lucky enough to get to travel around and then, while he was out, he saw BATMAN LIVE The World Arena Tour. Remember this event? I actually had Free Press Passes to this thing, and could have gone back stage, but I had an unexpected trip to California to go on and was out of town. So I missed it, arrgghh! But the trip was really good so no major regrets, ha!

But Ricky said he had a great time and that's very cool! He also took some wonderful photos that he was very kind to share. The pics were kind of BIG so I decided to make them BATMAN LIVE Wallpaper Backgrounds so that people can use them to add fun to their PC desktops. The images are extremely interesting because they're a neat piece of Bat-History.

He got really good pics of the Batman and Robin Costumes, a nice close-up of Two-Face, another of the entire cast, and a great shot of what the stage looked like. This must have been a dream-like experience. Thank you Ricky for sharing these and I promise to get your other pics up here soon.

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