April 2, 2013

PHOTOS of Awesome BOOTLEG BATMAN TOYS From Hungary!!

One of the coolest things I love about doing the Bat-Blog is getting to meet Batman Fans from all around the World. Here's a great example. Here are some photos submitted by a new friend named Agi and he lives in Hungary!

Over the years he has collected many Batman-themed replicas and toys, check this out!

The first photo is a "BATMAN FOREVER" Board Game, created by MK Toys. The game is based on the movie and the all-over language is Hungarian. He got this around 1995 ( when he was about 5 years old ) so that explains why the box is a little scruffy. His game contains four colored boardgames-pieces ( the box says it contains six, so maybe he lost two? ), some Dice, and Mystery Cards with Riddles. The goal is to get from start to finish and if someone steps on a mystery card field, gets a riddle. It’s pretty easy.

Then, he has 2 items with a "Batman: The Animated Series" theme. One is a Plastic Badge (we call them "Pins" or "Buttons" in the USA ). This item is Official™ and comes from the UK. Then, he has a Bootleg Action Fgure Key Chain, country unknown, and it's in the "Animated Series" style as well.

The next few pictures are a very cool BATMAN Action Figure. Well, sort of, it's a Michael Keaton Batman Movie Franchise Bootleg-Replica. Agi got this toy from his Grandma for, maybe, his 5th birthday? So, it’s definitely a figure from the 1990's. The cape is made of textile cloth, the arms and legs are detachable and have no articulation and the bat-belt is made of vinyl plastic. Plus, it looks really really cheap! But the cool thing is that this figure fits perfectly in the LEGO 1989 Batmobile!

And last, but not least, He has a "Matchbox-style" Batmobile (but NOT made by Matchbox or Corgi), which he says is very common in Hungary. Agi remembers getting this in the ’90's and lots of children got one in Kindergarten! He said he often stumbles upon this car at Hungarian Auction Sites. Oh yeah, he took some pictures with a Hot Wheels "Arkham Asylum" Batmobile to show the size and scale of the car.

WOW! Great stuff right here! Thank you Agi for both sharing your neat toy AND submitting some fun stuff for the site. We really appreciate the time you spent on taking photos!

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