April 3, 2013

Good News For BATMAN FANS - It's Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

For many years the Bat-Blog has posted a few Free BATMAN Wallpapers every week, we call it Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday! So, for today I thought I would post some where they are all related to "Batman Toy Collecting" and I hope you enjoy them.

The 1st one I made I used some promo pics from the Monogram Toy Company. They make a lot of cool stuff and here are some ultra-sharp super close-up examples of two Batman and Robin PVC Figures they made. These are being made right now, they're new.

Next is a blast from the past. Here's a photo with biography information on Mr. Freeze. This appeared on the back of a Vintage 1980's Kenner's SUPERPOWERS Action Figure. Yes, remember those? This photo was sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Pat who is a serious Toy Collector. (Thanks Pat!)

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