March 26, 2013


Here's a quick post to share some recent "Retail Store" News concerning Batman Toys and Merchandise. It's not really news about soon to be released products, like we normally do, but just some fun facts. 

First off, the 1st two pics are from our friend and Ace Bat-Reporter Batmobilly! He found these 2 items in his local Target Store ( I was there last night and saw them too ).

The first photo is that BATMAN UNLIMITED Action Figure ( Mattel ) of "Planet-X Batman". Ugggg, I really don't like this toy, but it does come with a really great mini-figure of Bat-Mite!!

He also saw this "Target Exclusive" Justice League Action Figure Set ( Mattel ). It comes with 7 figures and retails for about $50 bucks, ouch!

Then, the last 2 photos are mine, some stuff I bought last night. OK, by random chance I looked at the "Hot Wheels area" and there were 2 of these new 2013 Hot Wheels "BATMAN LIVE" Batmobile Cars so I grabbed them up! I mean, I really like this car and it is tied-into a special event. Plus, they were only 99 cents, ha!

Speaking of cheap deals, Target has these Apptivity "Dark Knight Rises" Batman Movie Toys on Clearance for only $5.00 ( that's half price, might go lower ). I bought the "Black one" but they also had the blue and gold versions as well. The figure is kinda cool, I love the packaging, and it's sort of an unusual-weird item. Plus, hey, only 5 bucks!

Have YOU spotted anything recently in stores that is Batman-related? if so then please let us know. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Oohh yay! i really want to buy that. Which Target did you go