March 26, 2013

Deane's Custom BATMAN MIDGET RACER CAR Model Kit!

 Check out this great pic we just got from a friend named Deane. He was inspired by a Golden Age BATMAN Comic Book (Actually I think it was an issue of "World's Finest" ) where they featured Batman, Superman, and Robin racing in some Midget Racers!! 

 Now, at the time of this post, I couldn't find that exact vintage issue but as an example I'm showing this Japanese Reprint ( Hey, same image but even maybe a little more cool, ha! ). 

 WOW! Deane did a great job at making this car, it looks AWESOME! Hey Readers, for more information on the creation of this cool Custom Toy please be sure to visit Deane's website, WHEN BATMOBILES FLY!

( Thanks Deane for sharing the fun pic)

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