March 12, 2013

INSANE BATMAN Custom Birthday Cake by Richard's Cakes UK

This BATMAN Birthday Cake is an ART Masterpiece! Seriously, the attention to details completely blows my mind! It was made by a Specialty Bakery in the UK called RICHARD'S CAKES (Click on their name to check out their facebook page ). More pics down below.

They are located in Manchester, England and they entered this cake in a very recent contest competition. I have not found out if they won yet but they have my vote for 1st Place!! C'mon, how could anything be more awesome than this, ha!

The cake is a giant Building in Gotham City with different Batman characters placed all around it. It even has a Bat-Signal shining on it! Of course there are some Batman and Robin figures, but we also get to see a bunch of great Villains too. The list includes: Catwoman, The Riddler ( the Jim Carrey Version, ha! ), The Penguin, The Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, and even Two-Face!!

Hey everybody, my birthday is in January so start saving your money!! Also, please be sure to click on the pics for larger, more detailed pictures, especially the last one, it's BIG & sharp!

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