March 12, 2013

Batman's Mythology Getting New Boost From DC Comics

Are you a Fan of the BATMAN Comic Books? Well, DC Comics now has plans to sort of re-vamp the character's origin. OK, they're not going to "redo it", just tell about the years Batman trained to become the Dark Knight. They're calling it, "BATMAN: ZERO YEAR".

Now, main elements of the character's history are staying the same, the murder of Wayne's parents, for example, but they just want to elaborate on the beginning of Bruce Wayne getting his stuff together. I think it sounds pretty cool!

The "new origin" begins June 2013 in the pages of BATMAN with an 11-issue story and will be illustrated by Greg Capullo. So, look for it around then. Hey, what do YOU think of this? Please leave a comment on our facebook page, thanks.

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