January 3, 2013

Two New BATMAN PRODUCTS To Keep An Eye Out For!

One of the main things that the BAT-BLOG tries to focus on is the joy of collecting both Brand-New and Vintage pieces of Batman merchandise or collectibles. OK, it's really our SUPER-MAIN focus here because it's the activity we all love most! Anyways, here are 2 very fun items you might find in your local Grocery Store.

First is a sealed package of 3 BATMAN BELLY WASHERS. Yes, it's a funny silly name, ha! These are those plastic bottles of fruit juice that have "character heads" on the top of them. I've always liked the designs of these products.

Next up is a Batman 'Holiday item" I found on Clearance. This is a Plastic Tumbler with awesome graphics. It's sort of their "Christmas version" because it's main colors are green & red. But overall it really doesn't have anything Christmas on it. It's made by the Hallmark Greeting Card Company as a part of their "Party Supplies" line. You could drink out of these, of course, or you can  use one on your desk to store pens & pencils.

Important Side-Note:
If ANY Bat-Blog Fans out there see any brand-new pieces of Batman Merchandise, then please let us know. Thanks.

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OmenBoy said...

These tumblers are part of a huge selection in a cage bin at Wal*Mart. They also have Avengers, Monster High, Dora, etc.