January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Lewis Wilson - The First BATMAN Actor

This post is a tribute to a great Actor named Lewis Wilson (1919-2000). Yesterday, January 28th, was his 94th birthday. Mr. Wilson plays a very important part of Bat-History because he was the very first Actor to ever portray the Bat-Man.  He did so in a series of Movie Serials from 1943 that contained 15 episodes. The basic plot was about a Japanese Spy called Dr. Daka who turned American Citizens into Zombies using a radium-powered ray gun. 

You can watch the 1st episode down below, it's really fun & a joy to see so please be sure to check it out Also, just below that, we have a "1943 BATMAN MOVIE" Tribute Wallpaper created by a friend of ours (Thanks BatDave).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEWIS WILSON and Thank You For Your Wonderful Contribution to the Batman Character.

Click Image Down Below for BATMAN WALLPAPER:

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