December 17, 2012

BATMAN TOYS and GIFT IDEAS For Stuffing Inside That Christmas Stocking

While looking at some recent photos I have collected to report on new Batman Merchandise I noticed that all of these are kind of small in size & would make perfect "Christmas Stocking Stuffer" ideas. Well, the 1st item is a total no-brainer as it is already "Holiday-related". This is a large-sized BATMAN Candy Cane with great packaging, the graphics are awesome. I found it at Toys-R-Us for about $2.00.

Next, is a fun new item I spotted at a Family Dollar Store. It's an extremely nice set of PVC Figures of Batman, Robin, and The Joker. They measure about 2" tall & you get 3 per package for $5.00, not bad. The quality is really nice. They also have 3 different sets. There's one that has 3 figures that are all Batman, in different poses, and another one that has Batman, Flash, & Green Lantern. My photo shows them as they appear on the back of the box.

Last, is this fun BATMAN and TWO-FACE Bath Foam Set. I came across these at a Dollar General Store for only $4.00. Now, I'll admit they are kinda dumb but I totally love the graphics on these. Plus, later these sort of items will not really appear at Garage Sales or anything because people who buy them will use them up & throw them away. So, if you want one for display, grab it now.

Have YOU come across any brand-new pieces of unusual Batman Toys or Memorabilia? If so then please let us know, our e-mail button is always located at the top right-hand side of this page, thanks!

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Robin and Rob Tour Ohio said...

I cant find the 3 pack in amy of my family dollars any where around me! help!