November 23, 2012

BATMAN TOYS Make Awesome Christmas Gifts!!

OK, since today, in the United States, is what we call "Black Friday", I thought I'd do this post to share some fun new Batman Products that are out now and that you can order online at a site called KIMMY SHOP. This place mainly caters to Parents & Grandparents who are looking for Christmas gifts to give little kids. But the cool thing is that they actually offer a ton of cool unusual pieces of Bat-Merchandise!

The list includes: a Batman Pop-Up Game with incredible graphics of some major villains, a Batman Super 3-D Dartboard Set ( the Joker! ), and a Batman Stadium Camping Chair with graphics inspired by the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD cartoon.

Here we have 2 fun items for school, a Batman Backpack and Lunchbox. Then sort of along the same line, is this cool Batman Carry-On Luggage ( perfect for Holiday traveling ), and the last 2 items are kinda weird I know, but they are "the Dark Knight", a Justice League Toothbrush and a serious Bat-Logo Thermos!

Like I said, all of these items are available at a fun place called KIMMY SHOP, just click here!

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Unknown said...

The games are also available at Walgreens. 3 for 12 or something like that. I bought them both the other day.