November 23, 2012

A SWEDISH BATMAN COLLECTION! Vintage Toys and Memorabilia

WOW! Batman is super-popular in Sweden! Here are some photos sent in to us by a Serious Bat-Fan who lives on the other side of the globe. His name is Andreas a.k.a. “The Texlexor”! He writes an excellent blog all about his obsession with collecting Vintage Batman Toys. It's called "A Swedish BATMAN Collection"!

Shown here are just a few examples of the extremely cool super-rare items he has found. The 1st couple of pics show an example of a 1960's Laderlappen Album ( hardback book ), both of them featuring some beautiful vintage graphics of Batman and Robin. Then we get to see an original 1967 BATMAN Movie Press Kit. These were sent to Cinemas for promotional purposes. Then, here's a Batman-inspired Fashion Shoot that appeared in a Swedish Music Magazine for Teens ( I love that dress! ). 

OK, now, the photos start to feature some of the items created during the 1989 BATMAN Movie craze. Yes, we all remember how Hollywood went totally nuts with the merchandising of that film. But that's cool, that gives us Bat-Collectors a bunch of fun stuff to keep an eye out for!

Andreas has found a Paper Batman Mask, a Special Character Watch featuring The "Yellow-Oval Batman Logo", and even some cool ultra-rare Batman Orange-Flavored Soda Cans... Awesome!!

When you get the time, please be sure to visit his website for more amazing stuff. Just CLICK HERE!

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Andreas said...

I'm happy to see some of my Swedish Batman items on Your awesome blog! :-)