August 8, 2012


BATMAN: PUPPET MASTER is a brand-new short fan-film movie set in Christopher Nolan's modern-day "Dark Knight" universe. The story is meant as a sequel to "The Dark Knight" and it bridges the gap between that film and the current "Dark Knight Rises". This is a film created by fans, for fans, and it delivers an exciting storyline that introduces new versions of Victor Zsasz, The Ventriloquist with Scarface, and Edward Nigma (aka The Riddler), who fans were expecting to appear in Nolan's third Batman film back when there was not a lot news but a ton of speculation.

Overall, this BATMAN fan-film is very excellent. The acting is very decent, the camera work/lighting/editing/sets/costumes/etc are all top-notch. The special effects are very impressive, especially the stuff with Batman's bat-a-rang weapons. Hey, I'll shut-up now so you can enjoy this cool video, WATCH IT!! ( Whoops, as a side note I should say that this fan-film is in NO way associated with Warner Bros or DC Comics )

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