August 8, 2012

Vintage 1970's BATMAN AND BATGIRL COSTUME Family Photo

I recently became Friends with a cute girl in California named Cyndi who was kind enough to share this amazing Vintage BATMAN Family Photo. It's a picture of her parents, Sharon and John, at a Halloween Party in the 1970's!! They both went as Batman and Batgirl ( or, is that "Batwoman"? ha ha ). The costumes were homemade, which is the best, and Cyndi said she can still remember her Dad cutting-out the Bat-Logos for them out of felt.

One personal note I'd like to share is that, sadly, Cyndi reported that her Dad is no longer with us but, "He would really enjoy the fact that people would see this picture and it would bring them some happiness". That's very cool. So this post if for him. I already know that people will love it because it's fun and wacky! ( Thanks Cyndi for sharing this cool pic!! )

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Cyndi said...

Wow thanks Tommy my mom loved this and my dad sure would have. He would've really dug the Bat Blog! Little Mummy just informed me that they won best costume at this party. My dad was such a creative person and lots of fun!