July 12, 2012

New BATMAN AND THE JOKER 16" Action Figures by Bandeirante Toys of Brazil

OK, first off I hope I get all the information correct in this post because a lot of what I came up on the Internet was in Portuguese & I only speak English. But anyway, the photos should speak for themselves!! 

These wonderful pics were sent to us by a Friend named Marcio who lives in Brazil. In that country there's a famous Toy Company named "Bandeirante". Very recently they came out with these 2 totally amazing 16" Figures of Batman and The Joker!! Oh yeah, it's really important to note that in that Country they call him, "Coringa!". I really like the design here, especially the cool window boxes. Apparently these are in retail stores right now and, Yes, I want them both, ha ha! ( Thanks Marcio! )

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