July 11, 2012

Everybody is Riding in BATMAN BAT-VEHICLES Except Me!

OK, I am totally consumed with both envy and jealousy and these are not good feelings to have, ha ha! Check out these 2 pics. First, Our Good Friend Lisa ( also known as BatChick ) recently got to fly in the Original 1960's Batman Movie Batcopter!! This ultra-cool Bat-Vehicle was at the recent NJ State Fair. Yes, that's Captain Gene Nock in the photo too, the Pilot! I'm JEALOUS!!

Next, all the way around the world, in Dublin, Ireland, our Friend Mark went to the TUMBLER TOUR and got to jump on the Original Bat-Pod Motorcycle from the Christopher Nolan Batman movies!! Yes, this is the actual one that appeared in THE DARK KNIGHT movie and will probably also be the one used for the DARK KNIGHT RISES film as well. Look at that expression on his face, priceless! Arrgghh! OK, I'm actually very happy for both of them, ha!

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Brad said...

I'm jumping on the next plane to Dublin. I've got to check out the Bat-Pod Motorcycle and I think you're right. I think this is the one from Batman Rises.

Really cool pictures, I'm going to check out if they are on tour across the US.