July 29, 2012

BATMAN FANS GET GEARED-UP! Here's Photographic Proof!

This post is made up of some wonderful photos submitted to the BAT-BLOG by some very serious BATMAN Fans! YES! These Guys all seriously ROCK! The 1st pic is our Friend Bill who went dressed-up has Batman at the recent Movie Premier of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The cool thing, he represented the "Adam West" version!! 

Next up is a fun photo showing our Facebook Pal Anthony in his "Dark Knight" Costume standing next to his Black "Batmobile", Awesome!!

Now, both the photos up above are "Modern Day" but this one down below is a "Blast From The Past"! Here's our Friend Ralph wearing his very 1st Batman Costume back in 1989!!

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Yxl Ian said...

yeah,nice ~~ I like that costume very much. What do you think about this
Batman costume?