May 8, 2012

New JOE FRANKENSTEIN Graphic Novel in the Works!

Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan are working on a creator-owned project called JOE FRANKENSTEIN! It's going to be a Graphic Novel that will be published by IDW. For now it's in the very very early stages and if you would like to keep-up with the project (or follow their progress) you can visit their website, the link is down below. OK, now I know this post is sort of not Batman-related but these are the 2 guys who worked on Detective Comics for many years AND created a Comic Book Villain Character you might have heard of called BANE! This is a personal project for them and I know there are a lot of Batman Fans who loved their work on the character and will probably have an interest. So, please feel free to check out their blog, just click HERE!

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