May 8, 2012

BATMAN REVEALED - A Brand-New Fan Film

We were recently notified of a brand-new Batman Fan Film titled BATMAN REVEALED. The basic storyline goes as follows: When Judge Maria Vargas (Ciara Greer) is found dead by Mayor Flutie (Jeff Trently), Batman (David Stewart III) and Robin (Derek Mindler) must find out whose behind it. Once they find out who it is, the duo face the likes of Two-Face (Tim Nugent) and Mr. Freeze (Tom Scholl) before they take on The Penguin (Chris Clark) in an all-out fight of good versus evil. But when The Penguin finds something out he shouldn't have, the future of Batman and Robin becomes uncertain.

Presented by Mashed Meat Productions in association with DJMJ Entertainment, this 20-man plus production was the blockbuster at Bucks in April 2012. Also features the talents of Jack Pinto, Dante DiBello, Maurice Charles, Keith Santiago, Kelly Weston, Greg Evorik, Dale Mahoney, Stefan Watson, and Matthew Allan Wagner.

Here's Part One of a Three-Part Series. Please be sure to check them all out for the full movie, enjoy!

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