May 13, 2012

BATMAN COSPLAY at the 1st Ottawa Canada Comic-Con!

Here are some totally wonderful photos sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Mark. He and his Son recently went to their very 1st Ottawa Comic-Con in Canada! Actually, it was this weekend. Now of course there were a lot of wacky COSPLAY Costume People there and Mark got some great pics. 

The first photo features Mark's Son Eli in his Batman outfit with Mario and Luigi. Hey, how cool is that?! More pics include the Mad Hatter, Bane and Harley Quinn ( She's the "Arkham City" Version ), a Nolan-Universe Batman, Two Face and another wonderful Harley Quinn ( The "Animated Series" version ). WOW! Looks like everybody had a really great time. I hope Eli had fun ( I bet he did ). Thanks Mark for sharing these fun photos, they're great!

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