April 17, 2012

WHEELS AND WISHES 2012 FUNDRAISER - New Jersey Batmobiles!

Last weekend, well, Friday and Saturday to be exact, the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation of New Jersey held a Charity Event called "WHEELS AND WISHES 2012". It was held at the Wesfield Armory in Westfield, NJ. Basically, it's a huge Charity Dinner, Car Show and Auto Auction to help raise money for this great organization. Seriously, they do wonderful work! Now the cool news, and a story we're pretty proud about here at the BAT-BLOG, our Friends BatDave, Louie, and Detective Genaro Ortiz were there for support. 

Genaro is the grim Essex County Dark Knight who recently marked 20 years of suiting up as The Batman, trying to keep inner city children keep away from gangs and off of drugs. He brought his Customized Batman-Themed Car to the event ( 1st and 2nd photos ). Then, long time Readers of the Bat-Blog will know our Good Buddy Louie! This Guy has a sweet 1966 Batmobile Replica that he carts around to various Charity Events. He's a Batman Fan who has done a lot of positive work for his community. BatDave was there to lend support and help with set-up. Plus, he got us these great pics, ha!

Yes, The "BAT-CARS" were there and both Children and Adults alike just went completely wacko-crazy when they saw "The Batmobiles"! Check out that photo of the Father and Son getting to see Batman's Car in real-life, that's GREAT!

ALSO: This fundraiser marked the debut of Louie's sweet MOBILE CRIME COMPUTER!! "Gotham City Supercars Club" Genius, John Brown, built this from scratch. It was totally inspired by designs from the 1960's TV show. The details are insane and it's just a really fun item.

So, to wrap things up, the show went well and we also wanna thank the "Batmobile Guys" for lending their support to this great event. Now, for any Bat-Blog Fans out there who would love to donate some money to the MAKE-A-WISH Foundation, here's a LINK! Please give anything you can, every dollar helps and this is a great charity that does good work.

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