April 15, 2012

LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT - Filmmaker Focuses on the Fans of Batman in New Documentary

While Batman fans await the summer blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises,” filmmaker Brett Culp is turning the camera on them. His documentary film “Legends of the Knight” will tell the stories of people who have been inspired by the legacy and tales of Batman.

Not only will this film focus on the fans of Batman, its creation is dependent on the support of the fans via the crowdfunding campaign that began April 12, 2012 ( www.indiegogo.com/batmanfilm ). The campaign raised $5,775 in its first day.

“Batman has become contemporary mythology,” Culp said. “Our goal with this film is to show how enduring stories like this shape us. As all great stories have the power to do, Batman has been a symbol that has inspired real people to achieve amazing things. The purpose of ‘Legends of the Knight’ is to show that heroic stories have the power to lift us up, and we need more of them.”

Culp is a life-long Batman fan. He and his team are capturing stories from around the U.S. and across the globe. They are filming with individuals whose love of the Dark Knight has inspired them to overcome devastating obstacles, to motivate and encourage young people, and to contribute to their communities.

Well-known Batfans who have confirmed their participation in this project include:

Michael Uslan - executive producer of "Batman", "Batman Begins", "The    Dark Knight", and "The Dark Knight Rises".
Denny O'Neil - legendary Batman writer
Rabbi Cary Friedman - author, "Wisdom from the Batcave"
Dr. Travis Langley - author, "Batman and Psychology"; teacher of university course in psychology called "Batman"
Gotham Chopra - co-author, "Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes"; son of best-selling author Deepak Chopra

“Human beings have always been stirred to greatness by the tales of heroes,” Culp said. “We connect with Batman because he is the super hero with no super powers. Just as he has committed himself to making the world better, we can dedicate ourselves to a noble cause and make a difference. This type of inspiration is a core function of storytelling in society.”

The Release Date will be about early 2013 so look for it then. Also, click HERE for the Official Website and more info.

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