April 1, 2012

Silly Happy BATMAN HUMOR Photo Fun Time!

Here's some wacky Batman-related pictures and photos posted just for fun! The 1st one is from a new Friend named David who was kind enough to email me this picture of a Guy dressed-up as the Dark Knight. Oh yeah, he's also driving a Custom Batmobile! I asked David if he shot the photo or knew where this was. He said it was just some random "Internet thing" ( Thanks David ).

Next up is a picture showing Batman, in his Bat-Cave, doing a little light reading. OK, the pic is kinda funny but BATMAN DOES NOT READ CHICK-LIT, period.

Last, but not least, is a really cool graphic showing an x-ray to the cover of "The Killing Joke", the Classic Joker Graphic Novel. Nice, very clever! ( Thanks Jeff )

1 comment:

HTBomb said...

The man dressed as Batman in his black Camaro Batmobile is Newark New Jersey police detective Ortiz.