March 28, 2012


OK, I recently got some amazing photos from a few Friends over at Facebook who all live in different parts of the World. So, I thought I'd share them as one post titled "Around The World Wackiness!". Yes, my concept is stupid but these pic are really great, check it out! The 1st one is a photo of Comedian Kevin Meaney. During a recent trip to Vietnam He found this Giant-Size BATMAN Statue at the entrance to a "Cave" at some Theme Park. It's crazy!

Next up is a fast Photo, shot with a Cel Phone, by our Friend Mauricio in Santiago City, Chile! Just in time he caught this Subway Car going by that is advertising the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour. He said that he and his family are defiantly going to that show!

Last, but not least, is a random photo from the USA where some Kid is getting a special BATMAN Haircut. OK, now how cool is that?! That hairstylist is a true Artist!

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