April 9, 2012

New BATMAN MEGO DOLL Acyrlic Action Words for Display!

For a long time I have been a member of the MEGO MUSEUM Forum but have not participated in awhile because I've been so busy. If you're a Vintage Mego Doll Action Figure Toy Collector then you need to check it out. Anyways, a friend over at Facebook, named Jon, told me about this amazing new "Mego" Product some Artist is making. Basically, they're small custom made clear-acrylic standees that you put in front of your figures for display. They have the "action words" you might remember seeing on the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. Words like: Pow! Boff! & KaPow! I think these items are totally great & a very clever idea. Plus, they're only $8.00 which is a good price. Here's a LINK to check them out. ( Thanks Jon )

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