March 28, 2012

THE JOKER - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

I guess we should warn new readers to the Bat-Blog that every Wednesday we post some cool FREE New BATMAN Backgrounds and call it, "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!". Oh Yeah, this week we're gonna focus on the Clown Prince of Crime, THE JOKER! The 1st one is a comic book version were he looks totally INSANE Crazy!! He's actually pretty scary, ha! The 2nd one is more friendly and was a graphic used on a recent custom t-shirt. This JOKER FACE is made-up of the words, "Why So Serious?", sort of a tribute to Heath Ledger's character in THE DARK KNIGHT Movie. OK, we hope you like these! But if not be sure to click the button down below for our most recent ones. You can also dig into our Bat-Blog Archives, located on the left-side of this page, near the middle.
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