February 3, 2012

VICTOR BUONO - A Tribute To The Actor

Today is a special day in Bat-History! Actor Victor Buono was born on February 3rd, 1938. Most Batman Fans know him as the Villain, KING TUT, on the 1966 BATMAN Television Series. Later, his KING TUT character made an appearance on the recent BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD cartoon, sort of like an homage, it was pretty cool!

Victor Buono made his very 1st Network TV acting appearance playing a bearded Beatnik named "Bongo Benny" on the 77 SUNSET STRIP series. After many other TV appearances, on various programs, he landed the role of "Edwin Flagg" in a major motion picture, "Who Killed Baby Jane?". He starred opposite 2 extremely talented Actresses, Betty Davis and Joan Crawford. For his role in this movie he was nominated for an Oscar! Over the next 8 or so years he appeared in many other movies. One of my favorites was the 1970's "Beneath The Planet of The Apes".

He then went on to doing many different appearances on various TV Shows of the 70's. Sadly, he died very young at the age of only 43 on January 1st, 1982. He was known to be extremely generous and is missed by many the world over.


Belasco said...

One correction: It's 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" not 'Who Killed Baby Jane?'. There were several movies in that era similar to 'Baby Jane' that had 'Killed' in the title though.

Michael Jones said...

He was excellent in "The Man With Bogart's Face" as the Sydney Greenstreet-esque Commodore Anastas.