February 3, 2012

RARE UNUSUAL BATMAN TOYS & Memorabilia From the 1960's

As a pretty serious Batman Toy Collector I also love finding strange thing to add to my collection. Shown here are some reference photos I gathered as an example. The 1st item is a Children's BATMAN Restaurant Menu from the 1960's. This item is ultra-rare & I have no idea where it was used but the graphics are extremely cool!

Next-up is an unofficial "bootleg" item. it's an extremely weird "Robin, The Boy Wonder" figure. It sort of reminds me of a Kitschy Troll Doll because, it's so cheesy-trashy, that it's fun, ha! Speaking of cool the 3rd pic shows us a Vintage Batman Toy sold in the UK. It's called the BATMAN BATARANG Bagatelle. It was made by MARX ( an American Toy Company ) but was only sold in England, extremely RARE! I love the original box almost as much as the toy!

Now, for the last item, you must be wondering, "What is that crazy thing?". Well, this is a 1966 Batman BAT-CHUTE! What you did is put this thing on the back of your Bicycle & when you switch a lever a large drag-shoot ( or parachute ) would burst out! Yes, the original 1966 Batmobile Car had this device on the TV Show & kids loved it!

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