January 16, 2012

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Japanese-Style BATMAN Wallpaper Design by Sean Hartter

Check out this awesome graphic art sent in by our buddy, Artist Sean Hartter. It's made from photos of characters from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman movie and they have been photo-manipulated to look like old vintage newsprint. Then, the DKR Bat-Logo has Japanese lettering. Sean said he has a friend who speaks perfect Japanese translate the word "The Dark Knight Rises" so it's all accurate. That's cool & a very nice detail! But anyways, I took this and made it into some BAT-BLOG.COM Promo Art. Yeah, I know, as Robin the Boy Wonder would say, "Holy Shameless Self-Promotion, Batman!" But as a Blogger I have to constantly hype my site or no new people find it, ha! So, if you can, please tell a few of your friends about this website ( Like, on Twitter or Facebook or a Message Board ). Thanks. Oh yeah, also please enjoy this FREE Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper too!!

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