January 10, 2012

BATMAN TOY COLLECTING - 1970's Memorabilia

I was a little kid back in the 1970's so much of the Batman Toys and Collectibles from that era have a deep nostalgia for me. It's just that I remember actually playing with them, ha! So, here's a nice assortment of groovy 70's items!

First up is a BATMAN TRU-DIMENSION 3-D Action Picture Kit ©1976. Basically this was like a paint by numbers kit, except the "canvas" was 4 layers of clear plastic. You painted them sort of like the way an Animation Artist would paint a cartoon Cel, there were designs in black outline & you would fill-in the color by painting it's back side. Then when you flipped it around it was complete. Each piece had just a few different elements of one total picture. The 4 sheets of plastic were then put in a frame with each piece slightly separated & layered. The end result was a 3-D picture.

Then, here's something you don't see a lot nowadays. This is a Fanzine Magazine, COMIC ZINE #1, from Oct 1971. I'm totally digging the Golden Age artwork on the cover here! These are usually pretty hard to find because they were so limited & usually distributed regionally. Like, only sold in certain areas.

Next up, is an extremely SUPER-RARE item! This is a Batman Long-Sleeve T-Shirt made by a Children's Clothing Company called "Rob Roy". The design on the front is made with artwork "borrowed" from Neal Adams. This example still has it's original Department Store Hang Tag! It was made around ©1974 and very hard to find.

Last, but not least, is this 1977 BATMAN STAMP 'N PRINT SET made by Ahi Brand ( Azrak-Hamway Int'l Inc ). This is one of those cheesy toys you would see at 7-Eleven or you might remember begging your Mom for this at a Grocery Store, ha! I totally love the vintage graphics. It's also cool that it contained a lot of Super-Villain character Rubber Stamps.

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