January 7, 2012

BATMAN - DEATH BY DESIGN - 2012 Release Date Announced For New Graphic Novel

DC Comics recently announced an official release date for the highly-anticipated brand-new BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN Graphic Novel by Writer/Designer Chip Kidd and Comic Book Artist Dave Taylor. It will hit the newsstands on May 2nd, 2012! Down below is a complete breakdown of the creative process. We get to see the page where THE JOKER makes his first appearance! It starts at the "script stage" and then we get to see how it evolves into the final artwork, very cool! Well, this example is missing the "word balloons", but I'm totally loving the graphic design so far. Having it in black and white with a very small touch of color is completely beautiful. It really has a retro 1930's feel about it! Also, I know now that the debut of this new Batman book will be a major event!

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