January 17, 2012

Actor JIM CARREY Was Born Today in 1962!

According to my Bat-History Files today is Actor JIM CARREY's Birthday. He was born in 1962 and will always have a place in Batman lore as the Actor who played THE RIDDLER in the 1995 BATMAN FOREVER Movie. Shown up above are just a small example of products bearing his image. This was the film that starred Val Kilmer as the Dark Knight and I fondly remember thinking that Jim Carrey did a really decent job of portraying the "Prince of Puzzles". He had just the right amount of crazy zaniness, just check out the video down below. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM CARREY!!

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!


Steamtron said...

For some reason I want some Corn Pops.

Comic Book Listings said...

Happy Birthday, Jim!
And "thanks" for a performance that will go unparalleled for all time to come. At least, in my humble opinion.