December 6, 2011

INANIMATE OBJECTS - The Brand-New 2012 Calendar is Posted!

Over at the INANIMATE OBJECT website, just in time for the new year, they recently posted their fun brand-new 2012 Calendar! At the site, you can download the full calendar as a print-quality PDF file, and then take it to a local printer. They consulted with several local print shops in their area, from the mom-and-pops to the big chains, and they found the best deal was at Office Depot.

Anyways, this is the famous website done by a Graphic Artist named Cason Pilliod. His thing is making Customized Action Figures, most of them are characters from "Batman, The Animated Series" but there's other cool stuff too. These Custom Toys are totally amazing and you can easily spend an hour or two just drooling over the eye-candy, ha! So, Please be sure to check it out sometime. Oh yeah, Here's the LINK to download the FREE 2012 INANIMATE OBJECT Calendar, enjoy.

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